When I have added something  or modified content on a page, I will list it here, starting today, April 27, 2014.

If anyone has factual information that is different from the information in this site, please feel free to contact me and I will make the necessary modifications when needed. Also, if you can contribute, your information is most welcome. It can be in in French, English or any language, since the Barbet is now more of an international breed, than a French one.

28/4/14:  under Puppy weights Update with weight chart of a Baie des Landes litter from 2002.

29/4/14: Added under Poodles=> Poodles in our Barbets. Made some corrections to Hello Barbet Lovers.

30/4/14: Added a link to Poodles in our Barbets  and added some lines about health issues. I have also updated the Water Spaniel page with a link and the photos that were missing. Then, I added a page dedicated to the Spanish Water Dog ( under Water Dogs).

19/8/14: Added ” Why lines?”


20/8/14: Have updated ” Coats and tangled webs, at the bottom.


1/9/14: Barbochos B-litter 2006


7/9/14: Added an article about health in the Poodle…so the Barbet, too.

22/09/14: Poodle colors; coat texture and old Barbet colors and texture are not the same.


6/10/14: Updated the Water Spaniel page with a link at the bottom.

16/10/14: How some Barbets can look so different and be of the same family!



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