History of sorts




Jean Claude Hermans has written about several dog breeds, his all-time favorite being the “barbet”. In his book, above, he refers to:

The adventures of Master Renart and of Ysengrin in the 13th century as having a barbet named Ecorchelande. He also says there were no water dogs in antiquity and his anthology starts at the Renaissance. Being French he of course refers to the barbet “family” of dogs/ water dogs such as the Spanish Water Dog, the Portuguese Water dog and the Lagotto. The Poodle being a variety of barbet….

Rabelais in 1552  who mentions a barbet.

Jacques du Fouilloux:La vénérie 1573


The word barbet was first used in this book  about hunting: not much was said other than they had straight legs and gray hairs….



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