A very very Modern Barbet…is a true Historic Poodle..UK 1800.


Sadly, we blame this and that about how breeds deviate, but this dog has nothing to with a breed threatened with any type of extinction.

It was RE-created in the 1990’s by a man who wanted to have a dog named after him for posterity:Jean Claude Hermans. He created, in passing, a lot of myths that many ignorant people believed “hook line and sinker” and adapted history to his whims..and his plan was to destroy/anihilate a breed and re-create his own. This is HIS creation, copied by many who have not a clue. Sadly, the info and many fallacies are propagated…

There is not a drop of Barbet in this dog.

This is taken after a breeder’s drawing and has not any historical worth. It is the AKC Barbet portrayal. AKC is not resposible for people lacking breed knowledge when a club represents a breed and should be a reference, which they are not.

THIS is the true ancient breed, near extinction, while here and there people are on their ego trip.
What to say. How to justify?