Breeding between the lines..

Reading…between the lines to learn..!!

For all of you who do not speak French, or read it…It is very hard to understand what has been going on in the Barbet organized world  since the 1980’s (or even before, really). I can also understand that many have this “rise above” attitude or  “go with the flow”..and stay away from the “nastiness”.

This letter is a fine example to read between the lines.  To do so, you need to have a lot of background information and not many have it. Do you? Who was your source? That will also make a difference.

Anyway, right now I will give you some insight into how it went. 1 example for now as a teaser.

A breeder and secretary of the Club des Amis du Barbet writes to the SCC to complain about the pdt of the Club du Barbet’s behaviour vis à vis future buyers of Barbet pups from sources in the “enemy camp”. Who is the enemy camp?

It’s about the attitude of JC Hermans, pdt of the club du Barbet. He claims a litter as being of ” bad quality” when he has not even seen the litter…and they ARE>>> SCC registered!

In the second paragraph, he describes the SCC registered litter of another person   as of “not good quality”. The parents should have never been confirmed and the owners never even showed them. Says he.

Well, they did and there is proof.

JCHermans is questioning the competences of SCC judges.

People kept calling the writer of the letter to complain to her, or they wrote to her by snail mail so there are lots of records ( which I have a small collection of). The issue was always about his attitude and how unbearable it was, in a position of power enough to allow himself to flaunt it.

Hermans always wanted to discourage the other club  (CAB) members from having any litters and told people who enquired to wait til his club members had litters and/or sent people to another breed. In this case it was to Bearded Collie breeders…In essence he was making sure the pups from the enemy were not sold.

>>>>Of course YOU knew there were 2 clubs? ( my comment)

Further, the dogs from JCH club were not on the selection grid and his decisions were totally arbitrary.

She is hoping the SCC will react..

>>> There are lots of parallels to be drawn in this situation and not much has evolved in 30 years and everyone is involved. If you do not know who is who and who did can any info you get, be true and trustworthy. Even the official breed clubs do not have a full deck of cards and mistreat or brush away vital facts about a breed you want to breed and know nothing about.

>>>Not a healthy situation. Or is it? Based on?

So, before you go anywhere, get the full story or ask questions to the right people and get facts. Just mho.