Jean Baptiste Oudry was THE great reference in France on what a Barbet was, however in other countries that particular dog had been painted  2 centuries prior and was not called a Barbet, but a Water Dog.


                                              200 years before JB Oudry

Pudel1643                                        One hundred years before Oudry.


Jean Baptiste Oudry: 18th century in France.


Above and below 2 Poodles circa 1907.

waterdog type1907

Above photo courtesy of Dog Genetics


A Poodle coat is finer and frizzy.


This is Duel, seen in many pedigrees. According to Jean Claude Hermans, FCI/SCC judge and author of several books, Duel was a pure Poodle who was put into a litter of Barbets and confirmed as such. As the French expression goes.. ” un chien ne fait pas des chats“.

Now, with no longer the objectivre in mind of redoing the history of the Poodle which you can find anywhere you type Poodle and most do have the same history, I will however share with you some of the earlier research I did to only come up with that naked truth:

The Barbet ancestor to the Poodle was in essence only because both are French,but the other way around with a small correction. The Poodle is not the ancestor to all the water dogs, it WAS a water dog..now who came first, hard to tell and that is not or no longer my objective.

IF this (rough coated) “waterdog” came up through North Africa, then logically it stopped in Spain or Portugal first and did not skip either of these 2 countries to land gate 109 at CDG airport, eh.

Here’s a bit of history with pictures. I did it several years ago.


Thinking on our feet and looking at the history of the other waterdogs, the Poodle being a barbet/rough coated waterdog,  selected to become the dog we know today, which was the type we found in several countries, perhaps it came up through North Africa and perhaps it came east through Russia and in Germany? Why not? It would have stopped of in Hungary and given us the Hungarian water dog: the Puli and carried on westbound, taking some Puli dreads with it.

I found an interesting link I would like to share. We are not always the ones who started something even if we think we detail the truest truth…


Lap dogs, chiens de manchons ( up you sleeve)…cuddlers, but the smalle size!

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