What if information fails?

Then what? In the rare breed called Barbet, there is and has been a lot of drama, misleading propaganda, and personal feelings from people who do not have enough proper information add  a very short logic, example being the recent acceptance of the Barbet in the UK list of dog breeds. No one could really explain anything about the breed, which for such an old breed, is certainly very disturbing.Breeding after so many years ought to have brought  a tad bit of homogeneity, as opposed to a generic water dog with different heads, tails, bodies, coat types and sizes across the board, often reminding us that, “Houston, there is a problem..”.That being said, suffice to ask, “who is the breeder of your dog” and you immediately know what information said person has been fed.This is not solely a problem in that country but many around Europe where what you see may not be what you are going to get.


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